What is Statofus ?

Statofus is an independent website that allows you to visualize accurately the evolution of the various Dofus and Dofus Touch servers. Various statistics are offered, from the number of active characters to the number of transfers booked for a specific server.

This website is for information purposes only, it draws an accurate comparison between servers.
The statistics are issued from the official Dofus website and processed through various verification systems in order to get the most accurate data.

The data

The amount of characters per server is updated on a daily basis around 10 am (DUT) and rechecked every hour. The number is directly withdrawn from the official Dofus ladder. This number shows the amount of characters, subscribers, of level 21 minimum and that have been active during the last 2 months.

Transfers are updated every hour and are withdrawn from the official Dofus website.

The use of this data by a third party is forbidden unless explicit consent from Statofus.com.

For the record, a poll organized in October 2016 on approximately 500 people revealed that a Dofus player has on average 6 subscribed characters.

amount of characters per dofus player

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